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Charlotte Dumpster Service provides Charlotte plus surrounding area residents, contractors and construction companies with dumpster services and rentals. Do you need to dispose of your junk, trash, debris or waste for your remodeling project? We have the right size dumpster in Charlotte for your job. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner our 10, 15 and 20 yard roll-off containers supply you easy, affordable and professional service to get rid of all your demolition trash and waste.
All of our fully-trained drivers will take extra care when delivering your dumpster rental. We can also fit dumpsters into tight spaces, which can make your job a whole lot simpler. It is our goal to maintain our standing as the most complete dumpster rental Charlotte has to offer.
Charlotte Dumpster Service offers flat-rate dumpster rentals and provides roll-off containers for any job. Our dumpsters are clean and ready to haul. Rent them for roofing, remodeling, landscape cleanup, and much more. They are perfect for heavy debris plus removing clutter for your needed space!

We are a Veteran owned and Operated Local Business!

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Ways to Keep From Paying Additional Dumpster Rental Fees

Most kinds of dumpster service comes with a flat fee. However, that does not mean you won’t incur extra charges with your dumpster rental. Here is a look at how you can avoid the extra fees that could be added onto your dumpster rental in Charlotte.

Call For Pickup
As soon as you are done with your dumpster, call the rental company and request a pickup. There is…

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rental is priced according to container size, so you always want to make sure you have enough room. Part of your calculation should focus on not throwing everything you can into a dumpster. When it comes to a cleanout or move, there are several ways to get the most out of your dumpster rental.

Giving is Good
If you are moving or doing any kind of house cleaning, you may be inclined to throw everything into a dumpster. Before you do that, remember that there are plenty of household items that can be donated. Keeping that in mind will allow for more dumpster space while it will also allow you to do a good deed by donating your items to…

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Most Common Reasons for Residential Dumpster Rental

Trash pickup only comes around once a week and there is only so much waste that local garbage collectors will haul. When there is just too much debris to put out on the curb, it is time to find a local dumpster service. Here are the most common reasons homeowners invest in renting a dumpster.

Home Cleanouts
Some homeowners do a bit of house cleaning every now and then and require a dumpster to get rid of all their unwanted stuff. Homeowners looking to….

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Tips to Protect Your Dumpster Rental

When renting a dumpster, it usually winds up sitting in one spot for a specified period of time. Many cleanouts and construction jobs usually last for a little while, meaning that it is susceptible to being disturbed by people. It is not out of the ordinary for people to rummage through dumpsters or dump their own debris inside. Here are some tips on how to protect your dumpster.

Secure a Location

If your dumpster is located in a secure spot on your property, then people will be unable to gain access. When picking a spot for your dumpster rental….

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Dumpster Rental for House Cleanouts

Spring cleaning does not have to be limited to the springtime and it does not have to be limited to one room inside the home. There are plenty of different types of house cleanouts, all of which can be helped immensely with a dumpster rental. Here’s a look at the different house cleanouts and how dumpster rental can help.

Basement Cleanout
As long as a basement remains unfinished, it is going to be a primary place for storage. Even some finished basements are used for…

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The Benefits of Flat Rate Dumpster Rental

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to dumpster rental NC, but that does not mean that every option comes with quality. There could be hidden fees that add to your total price, making dumpster rental anything but a bargain. That is always why it pays to choose a dumpster rental service that offers a flat fee.

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There are basic rules that need to be followed when renting a dumpster at a flat rate. For example, a flat fee will not permit you to use the dumpster for longer than the agreed-upon time, nor will it permit you to dump item …

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What Items Can And Cannot Be Placed In Dumpsters

computers-814257_1280.jpgWhen people rent a dumpster, it does not automatically give them the right to load it with whatever items they choose. There are items that can and cannot be loaded into a dumpster that is rented for a brief period of time.

Items you can put in a dumpster

  • Non-toxic materials – This includes household items, such as furniture and tables. Ordinary trash with the exception of food…

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Reasons for Dumpster Rental

There are a lot of different reasons to go with the option of renting a dumpster in Charlotte NC. Dumpster rental is an excellent solution for certain jobs and tasks, some of which are as follows.

Home Renovations

This type of project makes for quite a bit of debris and it can accumulate quicker than some people might realize. Hauling off trash can be time consuming, messy and even costly at times. There can also be injury issues associated with transporting trash. When renovating a home, expect a mess.


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Follow The “Three D’s” of Dumpster Rental

The growing importance of dumpster rental is evident. Today, jobs and projects big and small necessitate this service to properly dispose of debris, dirt and other waste materials. All that junk simply cannot be left sitting on the front yard or around the job site area; consequently hindering efficient and safe working site-245480_1920practices.

The Challenge of Choosing

As more and more firms promise to be the best in the industry, the challenge for clients is finding the best dumpster rental provider with the right answers to their specific requirements. If you are trying to select the most appropriate dumpster service for the job, consider these “Three D’s” to help you navigate your decision

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Tips for Loading Your Dumpster Rental

For contractors, homeowners and businesses, renting a dumpster in Charlotte NC is just the first part of the process. Then comes having to actually load the dumpster. When doing so, there are some helpful hints to keep in mind to ensure a safe and cost-efficient experience.

Organize your things
Gaps inside a dumpster could take up valuable space, which could cause you to run out of room. A helpful hint is to try and lay everything out flat. You can also put items of similar size together and stack them accordingly.

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Why Spring Time Dumpster Rental Should Be Done In Advance

The arrival of spring provides more reasons to seek out the service of a dumpster rental service near you. All different dumpster sizes can help with an immensity of different projects that are opportune for the spring time. That’s why it is important to reserve your dumpster rental ahead of time as many people will be involved in the following projects during the spring.

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Dumpster Sizes & Dimensions

Any kind of remodeling job is made significantly easier with the use of a dumpster. But not every contractor, resident or construction company has a dumpster handy. That’s when it’s time to contact Charlotte Dumpster Rental and turn your latest project into an easier one. Homeowners and business owners can both take advantage of our years of experience and service as the best dumpster rental in Charlotte, NC

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The Benefits of Dumpster Rental During Home Renovations

You don’t have to own a construction company to do some home remodeling. However, you will have to find a way to get rid of all the old and excess materials that come with these types of projects. Here’s a look at some helpful hints to remember when renting a dumpster from Charlotte Dumpster Service NC when it comes to your next home remodeling project.

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Dumpster Rental Service Charlotte NC

Any kind of remodeling job is made significantly easier with the use of a dumpster. But not every contractor, resident or construction company has a dumpster handy. That’s when it’s time to contact Charlotte Dumpster Rental and turn your latest project into an easier one. Homeowners and business owners can both take advantage of our years of experience and service as the best dumpster rental in Charlotte, NC.

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Dumpster Rental Tips

Though it seems that renting a dumpster is as easy as just lifting up your phone and contacting a dumpster rental company in your area, you will realize that there is more than what meets the eye. There are some important tips that can make dumpster rental process simple, secure and more worthwhile.

CHARLOTTE DUMPSTER rental dimension sizes prices
Be ready for a secure delivery
There may be some prevalent technical hitches that may make the delivery unsecure. This may include things such as lowly suspended wires or trees. Irrespective of the occasion for your dumpster rental, a 25 feet free space should be left in the dumpster. In case you want a rental company to come and relocate the dumpster to another point, be ready to incur more charges. Ascertain that the particular point of delivery is entirely sufficient.

Consider what gets into the dumpster
The dumpster containers are not bins for disposing everything; there are some items that require an extra charge for them to be put in these containers. Things like tires and electronics demand additional fees as the landfills where they are permanently disposed demand more charges for this type of items. The landfills levy fees that are in other terms known as tipping costs. Besides, hazardous materials, liquids and batteries are collectively not allowed in typical dumpster rental service.

Take into account the size
Why should you hire a 3o-yd dumpster when a one fold dumpster is sufficient? Regardless of your social status, saving a buck is not always a choice but an option. Make a rough calculation of the litter or trash you want to dispose and subsequently select apt dumpster dimensions. If you are uncertain, consult your rental company on the matter.

Prepare for the arrival
Dumpsters are relatively bulky, and this calls for great caution when preparing for a dumpster arrival. The perfect position to place a dumpster is on soft grass. Setting a dumpster rental on asphalt or a driveway poses high risks of the dumpster cracking or being damaged on the surface. One way of avoiding this risk is placing plywood on the point where the dumpster will be located.

Be economical
In the industry, there are many competing companies whether local or national that offers affordable services. When looking for a dumpster rental, compare the prices of various companies and select the one with the most affordable rate. Local dumpster rentals are generally affordable. Information in the public domain indicates that larger companies tend to charge higher prices. Various local businesses are family-owned and are always striving to maintain an excellent reputation amongst the local communities by charging a reduced price.

Obtain permits where necessary
When you are in search of a point to place your dumpster in your local streets, consult your township to determine if you need a permit. Several municipalities have instituted severe rules on dumpster rental services. Your local company should provide insights on whether a permit is required.

If you are in search of a dumpster rental in Charlotte, a one-stop place that can help you in every step of the whole process is Charlotte Dumpster Service. The company has continually helped company owners and homeowner in securing the perfect dumpster for their respective jobs. They take pride in their team of experts who provide you with fast, efficient and affordable dumpster rental quotes.